Travel Instructions

  • Faiz organizes sabaq for every tour. All instructions will be explained again in the sabaq. As there may be a last moment annoucement. All mumineen traveling are requested to attend the sabaq when ever informed.
  • Means of transport or date/time may change prior to departure or arrival.
  • Zaereen must check their status of TRAVEL BAN from Kuwait. Faiz will not be responsible for any problems relating to this matter.
  • All Zaereen should be in Libas-Anwar from Kuwait itself.
  • All Muminaat women should wear FULL-SLEEVES T-Shirt & Maqnaa from Kuwait and throughout the trip. Also be careful that their hair don't show.
  • Also use small trolley bags for luggage.
  • All are requested to be PUNCTUAL throughout the trip whenever instructed by the management.
  • Please don’t carry the following items in handbag during departure or arrival: Hafti, Khakhi Shifa, Ta’aveez, Dates.


Arrival & Departure

  • Departure & Arrival details will be annouced in sabaq.
  • If the departure is in the morning then usually tea is served in markaz.
  • Snacks will be given in the bus during departure.
  • Return Bus in Kuwait will drop Mumineen at Ardiya Markaz from Kuwait Border. The bus will not stop for any mumineen on the way.
  • In case of delay from the passenger the bus will not wait and he/she will have to come to the Kuwait border by themself.
  • Faiz bus will also not wait for any delay arising in legal matters of any zaer.
  • Faiz Kuwait will not be responsible if any delay occurred by the hamla bus. Also in such cases if Zaereen have to stay extra day(s), they will have to bear the extra lawazim charges of stay.



  • Mekkah & Madina management are responsible for the accommodation. Zaereen will have to accept the accommodation assigned to them.
  • Zaereen will have to provide their Safai Chitti on request by the Karbala/Najaf management. Faiz will not be responsible for any interruption of their procedures of ziyarat, transport or accommodation if any mumin fails to provide his Safai Chitti on time. Its suggested to keep the safai chitti in hand along with other legal documents.
  • Rooms may be allotted separate for men and separate for women.


Ziyarat Instructions

  • Mumineen should complete be aware that in Saudia MATAM is not allowed. Thus, outside faiz please don’t do matam.
  • Please perform NAMAAZ slowly. Muslims consider this as an offence to namaaz.
  • Mawaid time is set by Faiz, so that you can manage timings for haram. Please respect Faiz timings for mawaid.
  • Please keep in mind the significance of Ziyarat in all places. Don’t run & hurry for bus seats or rush around. Please follow instructions from Faiz.
  • Hoob is not a part of your tour fare taken by FH-Kuwait. It’s a request that you participate in HOOB for barakat.
  • Please be present by mind whennsabaq is given during the trip.
  • During namaaz timings, please do not roam around outside.


No Mumin must misbehave/argue with Faiz Khidmat-guzar or the Group Leader. Incase of any problem, please contact your group leader and solve the matter peacefully.