Haj 1438H Tour Details



All mumineen whose names have been selected for HAJ 1438H, should complete their bookings at FAIZ OFFICE on Sunday, 26th February 2017 (Time : 06:00 pm to 09:00 pm)

Mumineen using Android or iPhone phones are requested to install the FHK App (click here) and also install Sigatul Haj App (click here).


  • Mumineen will have to submit their SIGAT-UL-HAJ APPROVAL LETTER signed by their mohalla Aamil Saheb in our office at the time of booking. 
  • Documents required during bookings 
  1. Color Passport copy (1st Page, Last Page, Iqama Page)
  2. B/W Passport copy (1st Page, Last Page, Iqama Page)
  3. Passport should be computerized and NOT HANDWRITTEN
  4. Civild copy
  5. Ejamaat copy
  6. Passport size photos with white background (2 nos)
  7. Passport validity should be till 30 March 2018
  8. Iqama validity should be till 30 December 2017
  9. 4 continous blank pages in passport is required
  • Date for original passport and final payment submission: 04 shawwal 1438H to 07 shawwal 1438H(28 June 2017 to 01 July 2017)
  • Faiz Kuwait has the right to change the travel date in case of visa delay or any other legal issue occurs.  
  • Travel dates are tentative and subject to avalibility. Tickets are Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable and Date change will not be applicable.
  • Faiz Kuwait is not responsible for any changes or cancellation or compete refund of amount in case of law change in Saudi Visa procedure or due to rejection or cancellation of visa.
  • Get your Haj medical card from any clinic.



Mumenaat will be given ridas as per farmaan which will be compulsory to wear during their Haj trip. Sizes for the rida will be as follows

(RIDA will be provided as per selection in form. No changes will be made thereafter.)

  • SMALL (Pardi - Length 37", Shoulder: 16.5") (Gown - Length: 52", Shoulder : 15")
  • MEDIUM (Pardi - Length 38", Shoulder: 16.5") (Gown - Length: 53", Shoulder : 15.5")
  • LARGE (Pardi - Length 39", Shoulder: 17") (Gown - Length: 54", Shoulder : 16")
  • XLARGE (Pardi - Length 40", Shoulder: 17") (Gown - Length: 55", Shoulder : 16.5")



Sabaq will be held in Ardiya markaz on Tuesday, 08th August 2017 (16th Zilqada 1438H) at 09.00 PM.

Hadaya will be given by FHK and salawat jaman izan araz to all HUJJAJ KERAAM  



Hujjaj will have to carry their lawazim according to their accomodation allocaton along with them as below

Accomodation Allocaton for all hujjaj of kuwait will be availbale on FHK  website before HAJ SABAQ insha allah .






 Lawazim to be taken in RIYALS ONLY









Zabihat - APPROX




Government  Draft




Haj Medical Card

From any nearby goverment clinic, please ask for Haj Medical Card. They will ask for your civil id, give you an injection and prepare the card the same moment. The card will be required on Saudi Airport on arrival in Jeddah or Madina.

Haj Hadaya 

The following items will be given as hadaya to hujjaj from FHK.

1- Trolley Bags (set of 2pcs) 2- Faiz Duffle bag (per pax)
3- Ehram for gents (2 set) 4- Rida for ladies(6 pcs-2 white & 4 color)  
5- Chappal (per pax) 6- Faiz Husaini Cross Bag (per pax)
7- Qatra for Gents 8- Masalla  (per pax)
9- Chatai (per pax) 10- Umbrella (per pax)
11- Kanker ni theli (4pcs each pax) 12- Haj -makka,madina Mansak