Bu Saheba Amatullah Aai Saheba (QR)


A remarkable lady whose piety, sanctity, devoutness, and virtues were unparalleled. She was rightfully named Amatullah, as she was indeed an Amat of Allah and Daillah. In spite of being busy in the khidmat of Aqamaula (tus), seeking knowledge and upbringing her virtuous children always remained amongst her priorities. She was like the season of spring, as such every season was springtime in the household of Aqamaula (TUS). She was a galaxy of noble virtues. Asking after relatives, giving gifts, doing good for mumineen and showering them with maternal love are few of the deeds that she passionately cherished. Performing Ziyarat of Awliyaullah-al-kiram was one of her favorite deeds. 

altShe was a descendent of a noble pedigree. Syedna Qutbuddin Shaheed (RA) is one of her forefathers - she is the fruit of a majestic tree. Thus one wouldn’t be surprised that she had the sharaf of making the Shaheedana of Syedna Qutbuddin Shaheed (RA) in pure Gold. 
Amatullah Aai Saheba had the sharaf of khidmat of Maulana Taher Saifuddin (RA) and after him (RA) she spent the rest of her life in the khidmat of Aqa Maula (tus). In the year 1397 H, Aqamaula (tus) exalted her with the sharaf of Haddiyat and in the same year honored her with the title: KHALESATO NAEBE AMIRIL MUMINEEN (She who is pure for the vicegerent of Imamuz Zaman).
She was the splendor of the lofty Qasr, always busy in ideal occupations like cooking, knitting, embroidery, decorating, making incense (bukhur) etc. and she would advice mumenat to stay busy with such occupations. 
The caring mother of mumineen, Busaheba, after spending 60 glorious years in the company and in the cool shade of Aqamaula (TUS) - left the temporal world for her heavenly abode in the year 1415 H at the age of 76 on the eve of Milad-un-Nabi. The Burhani Qasr was forlorn; it was a time of great trauma for our beloved Aqamaula (TUS).  Aqamaula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS) buried her in a room close to Burhani Masjid. 
Allah (TA) has blessed her with noble children, in all of them we find her resemblance and each one reflects her good qualities. They maintain the same passion and purity in the khidmat of Aqamaula (TUS). 
Al Muqaddasa Amatullah Aai Saheba in her life span used to fulfill the needs of all mumineen and muminaat. She was the supreme source to conveying the araiz of mumineen towards Aqa Maula (tus). Even today after her heavenly abode she looks in the wishes of mumineen and fulfills them, that is the reason that even to date mumineen take the vasila of Busaheba towards Aqa Maula (tus). Someone does ziyarat of Busaheba and prays for his/her wishes to come to life, someone takes the mannat of Busaheba in order that his araz reaches the royal court of Aqa Maula (tus) and that he may in turn do dua and pray for them.