Karbala Travel Information


 Travel Instructions

  • Faiz organizes sabaq for every tour. All instructions will be explained again in the sabaq. As there may be a last moment annoucement. All mumineen traveling are requested to attend the sabaq when ever informed.
  • Means of transport or date/time may change prior to departure or arrival.
  • Zaereen must check their status of TRAVEL BAN from Kuwait. Faiz will not be responsible for any problems relating to this matter. [Link 1] [Link 2]
  • All Zaereen should be in Libas-Anwar from Kuwait itself.
  • All Muminaat women should wear FULL-SLEEVES T-Shirt & Maqnaa from Kuwait and throughout the trip. Also be careful that their hair don't show.
  • Also use small trolley bags for luggage.
  • All are requested to be PUNCTUAL throughout the trip whenever instructed by the management.
  • Please don’t carry the following items in handbag during departure or arrival: Hafti, Khakhi Shifa, Ta’aveez, Dates.
  • Do not purchase any knife or sword shaped items even key-chains. Border authorities will put it into scrutiny.

Arrival & Departure

  • Departure & Arrival details will be annouced in sabaq.
  • If the departure is in the morning then usually tea is served in markaz.
  • Snacks will be given in the bus during departure for lunch.
  • The bus will also make a stop in nearby any restaurant on the way.
  • Return Bus in Kuwait will drop Mumineen at Ardiya Markaz from Kuwait Border. The bus will not stop for any mumineen on the way.
  • In case of delay from the passenger the bus will not wait and he/she will have to come to the Kuwait border by themself.


  • Faiz Kuwait will do its best to accommodate Zaereen but will not be held responsible. Karbala & Najaf management are responsible for the accommodation. Zaereen will have to accept the accommodation assigned to them.
  • Zaereen will have to provide their Safai Chitti on request by the Karbala/Najaf management. Faiz will not be responsible for any interruption of their procedures of ziyarat, transport or accommodation if any mumin fails to provide his Safai Chitti.
  • In Karbala, if the rooms are at Qasr, they will be of two types: Single Room and Double Room.
    • Minimum pax in single room is 6 and
    • each double room is 4 that is 8 in double room
  • There are 2 Faiz in Najaf – Faiz-e-Husaini Bldg (New & Old) and Burhani Manzil. “The mawaaid for Burhani Manzil is also in Faiz-e-Husaini Bldg
  • Some may get accommodation in Qasr and some in Hotel. Mumineen are requested accept the same.
  • Rooms may be allotted separate for men and for women.


Ziyarat Instructions

  • Wheel Chair can be provided by Faiz (Karbala) against a deposit of 20 Dollars. Helpers are available (at own cost) to push the wheel chair for till Haram. Also at extra cost & Raza from the office the wheel chair can be taken for Atraf Ziyarat as well.
  • The transportation from Karbala to Najaf and seat reservation is not responsibility of the group leader; it is on first come first serve basis. Also there may be other groups travelling in the busses.
  • If any one is willing to contribute in Zabihat or conduct a darees or majlis then the details are below:
    • Zabhihat = 150$,
    • Majlis = 1700$-2100$
    • The cost may change from time to time depending on the inflation rate in Iraq.
  • Don't go for first ziyarat on your own, but wait for khidmatguzar to take you. Please follow the instructions from faiz.
  • Don't carry your passports, civil-id cards, money or such valuables while going for ziyarat.


No Mumin must misbehave/argue with Faiz Khidmat-guzar or the Group Leader. Incase of any problem, please contact your group leader and solve the matter peacefully.