Travel Instructions

  • Faiz organizes sabaq for Haj tour. All instructions will be explained again in the sabaq.
  • Means of transport or date/time may change prior to departure or arrival.
  • Zaereen must check their status of TRAVEL BAN from Kuwait. Faiz will not be responsible for any problems relating to this matter.
  • Zaereen going to Mekkah (1st flight) for Umra will have to wear their ehram from Kuwait. Zaereen going to Madina (2nd flight) should be in Libas-Anwar from Kuwait itself.
  • All Muminaat women should wear FULL-SLEEVES T-Shirt & Maqnaa from Kuwait and throughout the trip. Also be careful that their hair don't show.
  • Also use small trolley bags for luggage.
  • All are requested to be PUNCTUAL throughout the trip whenever instructed by the management.
  • Please don’t carry the following items in handbag during departure or arrival: Hafti, Khakhi Shifa, Ta’aveez, Dates.
  • On return, zamzam water is packed and handled separately on airport. Please cofirm the procedures.
  • After leaving Kuwait airport, your complete trip responsibility will be of Haj management.


Arrival & Departure

  • Departure & Arrival details will be annouced in sabaq.
  • Luggage  will be taken at the airport 4 hours before departure time. All lugguage will be collected and tagges by Faiz khidmatguzars. Mumineen who will arrive late will have to check-in their lugguage by themselves on the airlines counter.
  • Your passports, tickets, boarding passes, lugguage tags will be given at the airport.
  • Please keep your ejamaat card, goverment draft, medical card in your hand during departure.



  • Each year the allotment of accomodation differs. Kuwait mumineen can be allotted "Category A"  & "Categry B" by the haj management.
  • Rooms may be allotted separate for men and separate for women.


Ziyarat Instructions

  • Mumineen should complete be aware that in Saudia MATAM is not allowed. Thus, outside faiz please don’t do matam.
  • Please perform NAMAAZ slowly. Muslims consider this as an offence to namaaz.
  • Mawaid time is set by Faiz, so that you can manage timings for haram. Please respect Faiz timings for mawaid.
  • Please keep in mind the significance of Ziyarat in all places. Don’t run & hurry for bus seats or rush around. Please follow instructions from Faiz.
  • Hoob is not a part of your tour fare taken by FH-Kuwait. It’s a request that you participate in HOOB for barakat.
  • Please be present by mind whennsabaq is given during the trip.
  • During namaaz timings, please do not roam around outside.