The Chairman - Shz Qaid Johar bs Ezzuddin bs (D.M.) - has established Faiz-e-Husaini in Kuwait for the following purposes:

  • To foster and promote the performance of Haj, Umra and Ziyarat and to aid and assist pilgrims in such performance and for this purpose undertake and carry out ancillary and incidental activities including but not limited to travel arrangements, exchange formalities and transport.
  • To provide amenities, facilities, guidance, and orientation to pilgrims and for this purpose to hold training classes and engage qualified teachers, guides and instructors.
  • To arrange niyaz and accommodation for pilgrims and for this purpose lease, let and engage musafirkhanas, rooms, hotels and such other accommodations.
  • To provide for khidmat to pilgrims as directed by Al-Dai-Al-Fatemi.
  • To help, assist and support any deserving pilgrim either by way of a grant or by way of Qardan Hasanah to carry out his religious duty or obligation as prescribed by Al-Quran or the Islamic Shariat.
  • To provide and arrange medical relief for pilgrims including inoculation, vaccination and final medical check up and the establishment, maintenence and support of institutions or funds for such relief.